You can do it in 15 minutes! How to make a charcoal fire

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This BBQ grill is 「Coleman – Coolstage two way grill

①Prepare the fire starter
Place the fire starter on the bottom as shown in the image

②How to put the fire starter
Refer to the image and put it

③Put on a small charcoal
Put a small charcoal on top of fire starter

④Next, put a big charcoal on it.
Place air in the gap between charcoal

If you light one place, it will spread throughout

⑥The flames go up.
Make sure you’re safe while the flames go up

When the flames get smaller, You fan with a paper fan

Stop fanning when the flames grow again

⑨Turn over charcoal
Turn over when the under side of charcoal turns white

⑩Fanning again
Fan again and stop when the flame grows. Repeat it

⑪Fire start completed
But you need to be a little more prepared

Spread charcoal to whole of the bottom

Move charcoal to one side

⑭Add charcoal
Put a new charcoal in an empty place

Mix new charcoal with hot charcoal

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